Twelfth Night reflection

  1. How important is merry-making in society?  This was our central unit question — now that you’ve studied a very silly play, complete with heaps of merry-making, what do you think? Is merry-making important? How? When? Why?
  2. What do you know now, at the end of our unit, that you didn’t before? Perhaps you now know a couple of lines of Shakespeare. Or maybe you’ve learned how to better speak in front of an audience. Or perhaps you now know how to work better in a group. Or you know that having fun really is the most important part of creating a play. Or you’ve learned that creativity requires long periods of time in order to “get into it.”  Whatever it is — please tell your readers what you’ve learned in our unit.

1. I think that merry-making is important in society because if there wasn’t any, everyone would be really full of stress and unrelaxed. Also, without it how could people have fun? THere’d be no laughing, jokes, or having fun in general! What a boring life. I think that if there wasn’t any merry-making in our lives, everyday would be very dull. It’s important especially during when your a kid since that’s the time when you can just relax, have fun, and enjoy your life! IT’s also important most of all when your with your friends, since that’s the main time to merry-make and have fun! If there was no mery-making at all for kids, it’d be very hard for people to get to know each others personalities since everyone would act the same way. When you get to be an adult I think that it gets harder since there’s more things that you need to worry about. But adults DO of course also have to have fun sometime or else they would be serious all the time. If adults didn’t have merry-making in their life, that would not only affect the people around them, but themselves most of all. There’d be no breaks and no time to relax!   

2. I learned a lot about Shakespeare language, and how to translate it into modern English. I also learned about how certain phrases/words can be shown and expressed in different movements. I learned how to work better in different groups as well. Also, I learned that Shakespeares work actually was pretty interesting and fun to read and act out.

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