Response to the diary of Anne Frank(3)

In the 3rd scene of the book, so far the families have started living together in the hideout. A man, Mr. Dussel, also comes requesting to let him live in the hiding place as well, and after a lot of discussion they agree to let him in. So there’s now 8 people living there instead of just the 7. There are more arguments now since tension is high and the people are starting to get on each others nerves. 

After finishing reading the 3rd scene of the book, I did this question:

Compare and contrast the characters of Anne and Peter.

Anne and Peter are completely different characters, there are definetly more differences than comparisons between them. Anne is loud, outgoing, shows her feelings, dramatic, friendly, talkative, at times childish, while Peter is quiet, shy, more mature, not really talkative and doesn’t really show his emotions. Anne loves attention while Peter tends to shrink away from it and not cause a fuss. Another difference is that Anne is brave and just goes up to people and says what she wants, while Peter’s more careful with what he says and does. He isn’t very bold either.The best comparison that I can think of is their situation, since both are in hiding just because of their religion. They also both like cats.  At first they annoy each other very much and tease each other a lot, but later on they get to be better friends.

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