Response to the diary of Anne Frank(4)

In scene 4, the scene starts off as in the middle of the night. Anne has a nightmare about the “Green Police” and Mr Dussel, iritated about having been woken up and annoyed, tries to wake her up and shush her. Mrs Frank comes to check what’s going on and tries to soothe her, then after being turned away by Anne calls Mr Frank. Mr Frank talks with Anne, who explains how she doesn’t feel like she and her mother have anything in common and talks about how she tries to be a nicer person, and how she feels guilty for the bad things she did. The scene ends with an exerpt from Anne’s diary, talking about how the air raids are getting worse and the noisiness of them. Also about the things that each of them want to do as soon as they can get back.

At the end of the scene, Anne describes the first thing each of the people would like to do after getting out of the hiding place. If you were free after many months of hiding, what would be the first thing you would like to do?

If it were me, if I’d just come out of the house I’d taking a humongous breath of fresh air and would be just runnning and jumping around, ecstatic to finally be let out! I’d probably notice the things I hadn’t noticed or appreciated before, like the sweet smell of flowers or the fresh scent of grass, and stand there with a big smile for a few seconds feeling the warm rays of sunshine sinking into my skin. I’d also definetly want to eat all kinds of foods I wasn’t able to in hiding like ice cream, chocolate, cupcakes or some other thing that’d be considered a “luxury” at that time because of the food shortage. I’d try eating a lot of new things and different kinds of foods too. I’d also do the things I wasn’t able to inside since I’d need the excercise, like swimming in the pool, playing other sports with my family and/or friends until I was too tired to and had to give in, I’d just be really happy and energetic. I probably wouldn’t be able to sit still that first day. I mean after months of being trapped inside a tiny space I’d finally be let out! I’d also definetly want to meet with all my friends and go to a movie or shopping or something that I missed doing. I would notice everything in a new way, and probably would have a new attitude for everything. I would probably appreciate a lot more of the things that I hadn’t really noticed before. I would definetly learn a new perspective and see things in a different way.

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