Response to the diary of Anne Frank(5)

Scene 5 starts of as the first night of the Hanukkah celebration. Mr Frank reads a prayer and passes the book along to Mrs Frank who also reads one as well. Everyone’s surprised to see that Anne had prepared presents for everyone, including Mr Dussel and the Van Daans. Everyone’s more relaxed and happy, in spite of them being in hiding. They celebrate Hanukkah with a song as well. Later on though, Mr Van Daan gets mad at Peter for his cat and threatens to throw the cat out along with him. The happy mood is suddenly gone as they hear a noise from downstairs. They later resume to the song and sing it altogether.

How would you describe the changes of mood in Scene 5?

At first everyone’s kind of apprehensive since even though it’s Hanukkah, they still have to be quiet. Later on, however, the mood changes and they all become happy when Ane brings them the presents that she prepared herself. The mood becomes more celebration-like, and everyone’s more relaxed. Later on however the mood changes to tense when Mr Van Daan gets mad at Peter, and they become nervous and extremely still and quiet as they hear a noise. The mood changes very quickly in this scene which shows how easy they are to become discouraged or happy. The tension rises and drops a lot as well. Although they’re started to get annoyed at each other, they still know the important of working together and appreciating the celebration.

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